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Travelling to Cameroon and to other West-African States is absolutely unique and cannot be compared with journeys within Europe or to North America. You will experience a pristine country with all its advantages and disadvantages. The development of the touristic infrastructure is still in its early stages, which on the other hand means the absence of the curse of mass tourism. Here you will be welcomed as an eco-tourist. Unlike in most other African countries, there is still no strict and intended separation of tourists and the native population, especially not in hotels, camps and other accommodation facilities. On many occasions, you will find simple, nature-bound forms of life. As long as one exercises some caution and a minimum of tolerance, patience and some flexibility when faced with local conditions and cultural life, a wonderful vacation will be the reward. Even if the program sometimes encounters some delays or certain ad-hoc changes have to be made, because of weather or unforseen road conditions or some unexpected developments and events, there is no need to get angry or lose its temper. Africa has much more time than Europe or the US. But unusual problems are always followed by unusual solutions. The Africans are great in improvising. Out of very little, they create a lot. Their meagre means go very far. And they are almost always in a very good mood and even the poorest of the poor love to laugh or to dance. You will encounter a very friendly population with unsual hospitality and other pleasant features. By the way, the crime rate is very low. For centuries, wars, famines, revolutions, upheaval and civil wars have been unknown in Cameroon. For information with respect to political stability please contact your embassy.

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