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Be carefree allround, no uncertainties, no safaries into the Unknown

The travel service offered by LION  TOURISTIC leaves almost no tasts, wants and wishes open. Your ideas, intentions and desires form the basis for our extensive consulting work where we trace and find out the optimal ways, chances and possibilities best suited to your needs. We will offer you various alternatives for each tour planned, and are keen to match the final choices with your intentions, preferences and abilities. The end product is a complete package of travel routes and destinies including a number of carefully selected hosts, accommodations and sites.

All this includes, besides many important tipps and hints, of course:

We will trace the fastest flight-connections to Africa or elsewhere at very good value and reasonable prices, matching you special situation and needs in an optimal way, be it with or without babies / children, with heavy luggage or suiting the “light traveller”, for seniors, juniors or the handicapped and partly disabled persons, singles, couples or groups.
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Hotel / Accommodation:
Our leading criteria in selecting and offering our hotels and other accommodations, are safety, neatness, cleanliness and good price levels based on performance, regardless if you want to stay in hotels, resorts, camps treehouses or even tents.

Car Rental:
Not only for travellers with destination Africa is it strongly recommended to rent a suitable car in order to secure your mobility. Booking from Germany will be taken care of by us. We will get and reserve you either a small and agile city car or a large and heavy four-wheel driven vehicle for off-road adventures – and, of course any size in between these two extremes.

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